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Texas Electricity Providers

Electricity bills are not something anyone looks forward to each month. It's never any fun to open a bill that's larger than you were expecting, especially if you can't do anything about it! In many parts of the United States, you're powerless when it comes to who provides your electricity. Luckily, Texas isn't like the rest of the country. Most of the state has moved toward a competitive market, which means generation, transmission and distribution of electricity can come from separate companies, utilities or electricity providers.

What does that mean for Texans? You have a choice! You have the freedom to shop around for retail electric providers (REPs) to supply your electricity, while your utility continues to manage the delivery of it to you. Many retail electricity providers in Texas offer different pricing plans, renewable energy options and rewards programs as added customer incentives. You don't have to settle for the electricity rate you are currently paying. If you shop around, you could find a REP with a better rate or superior plan.

About Electricity Generation

Electricity generation, or the creation of energy, is most commonly done by power plants with the machinery and space to produce large amounts of electricity. In deregulated areas, private companies can operate these facilities to generate electricity and sell it to retail electric providers at wholesale prices. This opens the door for you to find fixed-rate electricity plans or green energy options through Texas electricity providers.

In areas without deregulation, utility companies are the sole providers of electricity generation service. Residents must purchase their energy from the utility because there just aren't any other options. The government places rate caps on the utilities to prevent high rates, but the lack of choices prompted many areas to make the switch to deregulation.

Green Energy vs. Brown Energy

If you have ever participated in or walked through a science fair, you have seen evidence that electricity can be generated from a variety of resources. Unfortunately, potatoes aren't practical for large scale electricity generation. To power the planet, there are two types of energy: brown and green.

The most common type of energy is brown, called so because it's typically created through the burning of brown fossil fuels, such as coal or oil, in a power plant. The benefit of brown energy is that it can be converted to electricity quickly. However, it also contributes to pollution levels in the environment. A major cause for concern is how rapidly the population can consume the energy. In fact, people are burning through the fossil fuel supply faster than it can be naturally replenished, leaving questions about the world's energy future.

To resolve the issue of a limited fossil fuel supply, the energy industry has increased production of green energy. This type of energy is generated from renewable resources such as sunlight or wind. In addition, green energy does not produce the same level of pollution as brown energy, making it a viable solution for a sustainable energy future.

Electricity Transmission and Distribution

No matter which REP you choose, your electricity will be delivered by your local transmission and distribution provider, more commonly known as your utility. These TDSPs are responsible for transmission, distribution and maintenance of the infrastructure of power lines that transport energy to your home.

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Electricity Providers in Texas

How do I choose my Texas electricity provider? See the chart below for options across the Lone Star State!

Name Founded Community Outreach? Fixed Rate Products? Green Products?
Just Energy 1997 Yes Yes Yes
TXU Energy 2000 Yes Yes Yes
Reliant Energy 1999 Yes Yes Yes
Ambit Energy 2006 Yes Yes Yes
Stream Energy 2004 Yes Yes Yes
Direct Energy 1986 Yes Yes Yes
Gexa Energy 2001 Yes Yes Yes
Amigo Energy 2003 Yes Yes Yes
Champion Energy 2002 Yes Yes Yes
Tara Energy 2002 Yes Yes Yes