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Stream Energy: The Colony, TX

The Colony, do you know if your electricity supply is open to competition? Much of the Texas electricity market is deregulated, but there are some areas where electricity is still regulated. Stream Energy is an option for Texans who live in areas of the state that are deregulated, which means those residents can shop among competitive electricity suppliers. You’ll find information on many electric companies at, including Stream Energy. The Colony residents who aren't sure whether they live in a deregulated area of Texas should call for specific provider rates and availability.

The trick to getting a great deal when searching for an electricity plan is figuring out what you're looking for. If you haven't searched for a new electricity plan before, it's definitely time to get offers from retailers such as Stream Energy. The Colony residents are given a real opportunity to save money on electricity through deregulation. You just have to know what to look for. There are many types of plans with various rate structures and contract periods. Once you have a grasp on the variety of options presented to you, choosing the right solution should be a piece of cake.

Electricity in The Colony

Electricity in The Colony comes from a variety of resources across the state. Power generation companies such as wind farms, solar arrays, coal-fired power plants and nuclear power plants sell their electricity supply to retail electricity companies such as Stream Energy, and if you are in an available market, those rates are passed on to you!

After choosing a plan from a retailer such as Stream Energy, The Colony residents won't have to do anything further to make the most of their new energy plan. That's the beauty of electricity deregulation in Texas. The old utilities are still in place across the state as distributors. Because those utilities still exist, you won't have to interface with an unfamiliar company. The retailer you choose will work with your utility, and nothing about your access to electricity will change. Every time you flip on the light switch, it will be as though nothing has changed, but if you choose wisely you'll definitely notice a difference when you open your checkbook each month. gives you one simple place to find information on the variety of electricity providers that currently serve your area of Texas. The best way to find out if The Colony is open to competition is to call for rates and serviceability. You might be surprised by how numerous your options are, but don't get overwhelmed. It's important to remember that retail electricity providers are competing for your business. You have the power when it comes to choosing a provider, including Stream Energy in The Colony. Don't sign on to a plan until you've done your homework and can be confident that you're going to get exactly what you're looking for.

The Colony, Texas, Area Cities and Towns

Copper CanyonCorinthDouble OakFarmers Brnch
FriscoHickory CreekHighland VillHighland Village
Lake DallasLakewood VillageLakewood VlgLittle Elm
Oak PointPlanoProsperRichardson

Looking for Electricity Rates for Your Business?

Don't worry. The deregulated electricity market in Texas was designed with business owners in mind too. Just like residents, businesses have their choice of retail providers including Stream Energy. The Colony businesses can even negotiate with retailers depending on how much energy they use. Unlike residential offers where electricity pricing is set by the company and published, business rates have a certain amount of wiggle room baked into them.

Whatever you business' needs are, retailers such as Stream Energy in The Colony may be able to work with you on price. If one retailer doesn't offer you much, don't give up. With the right business sense and persistence, you will be able to find an electricity plan that fulfills the needs of your business. You might even find one that helps out your bottom line while you're at it!

Whether you decide to go with Stream Energy or another Texas electricity provider in The Colony, getting a great rate isn't the only way to save on your electricity costs each month. Practicing a few proven energy-saving tips is a great way to see lower costs on your monthly energy bills. Something as simple as buying window shades to help cool your house during the summer could have impressive results. But that's just one example. You can also invest in more efficient lighting, adjust your thermostat by a few degrees each season, even cutting down on consumption when you're not home by using power strips to keep electronics from using power while in standby mode can make a big impact. After comparing Stream Energy with other Texas electricity providers, make sure that your The Colony home is as energy efficient as possible.

Now is the time to start shopping for a new electricity plan from a retailer such as Stream Energy. The Colony, you have the opportunity to pay less for your electricity, but you won't be able to rack up some savings until you do your due diligence. Don't keep paying electricity rates that you don't have control over. Compare offers today, and reap the benefits of electricity deregulation in The Colony, Texas!

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