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CenterPoint Energy in Spring

Looking for CenterPoint Energy in Spring? CenterPoint is one of the state's largest electricity transmission and distribution companies and is the default utility provider for the entire Houston metropolitan area. To find out if you're serviced by CenterPoint energy in Spring, simply look on your most recent utility bill. The company who assesses your delivery charges and who is responsible for maintaining your power lines is your default utility company. While you do not have control over who delivers your electricity to your service area, you can control who supplies your energy rates.

CenterPoint Electricity in Spring

Are you an existing customer of CenterPoint electricity in Spring and looking to get lower rates? Maybe you're looking for CenterPoint electricity in Spring and simply don't know where to begin. Either way, you need to understand how electricity service works in Texas to see if you could be getting a better deal with a new energy provider. Currently, the CenterPoint electricity service area encompasses the entire Houston metropolitan area. If you move to Houston your service will be automatically set up by your local utility. However, in Texas, you're required to also choose an energy provider. That means even though you have CenterPoint Electricity in Spring to deliver your energy, you'll need to secure another company who can actually supply your energy rates.

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CenterPoint Rates

So what's the difference between your CenterPoint rates and what you'll get from an energy provider? Utility companies are responsible for delivering your energy, checking your meters and maintaining power lines and infrastructure. Energy providers work with energy generation companies to purchase the actual energy supply and then pass that on to you through innovative energy rates.

In a regulated market, CenterPoint rates would be passed on to you directly from the energy generation company. Your rates would follow market pricing only. In a deregulated market, you have the opportunity to shop amongst several energy suppliers, all negotiating with power supply companies and all competing for your business. So while you'll always get your service, delivery and power line maintenance from CenterPoint, rates in Texas will come from the energy supplier you select.

Shopping around for better rates with energy providers may help you save big. With sites like this, you've got the unique opportunity to compare companies, shop for competing offers, and potentially reduce what you pay for energy each month. You also inspire competition, which inspires energy providers to offer rewards, innovative rate plans, green energy and more. So whether you get service from CenterPoint Energy in Spring or not, what you should focus on is energy suppliers. When these companies have to compete for your business, the marketplace becomes more competitive, and consumers like you win! is an authorized and exclusive representative of Just Energy. Just Energy PUCT Cert. No. 10052