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Ambit Energy: San Antonio, TX

When was the last time you searched for a new electricity plan for your home or business? Texas is one of the handful of states around the country that has enacted legislation allowing residents and businesses to have a choice of electricity providers such as Ambit Energy. San Antonio could be one of the areas where electricity deregulation has been implemented, so why wouldn't you shop for a better rate on your electricity supply?

While the vast majority of Texans get to control who supplies their electricity, there are still areas of the state that have not been opened to competition through deregulation. gives you access to information about many of the major electric companies available across Texas, including Ambit Energy. San Antonio residents looking to find out if Ambit Energy is available near them will need to know if their area of Abbott is open to competition. This can come down to a ZIP code level, so the best way to find options for your Abbott electricity supply is to call.

San Antonio residents who haven’t looked into retail electricity providers may be missing out. Switching the company that supplies your electricity can give you better options as far as rates and payments are concerned. You can take advantage of fixed rates, green energy options and much more from competition-driven providers. Learning more about retail electricity suppliers such as Ambit Energy in San Antonio could be the wisest move you make.

Knowing What to Look For

Before you begin a search for a new electricity provider, it's important to gain a decent understanding of how deregulation works, and how different plans offer various opportunities for savings. Let's take a look at deregulation first, before moving on to the more impactful aspects of individual plans from providers such as Ambit Energy in San Antonio.

The Texas electricity market was first deregulated in 2002. At that time, the state moved to limit the influence of the massive utilities on the electricity industry by introducing competition to the marketplace. Prior to deregulation, utilities were the only groups that customers dealt with. They generated electricity, set prices in conjunction with the Texas Public Utilities Commission and distributed electricity to individual consumers. Since deregulation was implemented, utilities are now strictly distribution organizations. Retail providers were introduced, such as Ambit Energy, in towns like San Antonio and these companies now sell electricity supply to consumers.

In order to be the most attractive to a wide swath of consumers, retailers such as Ambit Energy in San Antonio create many products with different features. Each of these products is designed with a different type of consumer in mind, meaning that finding the best plan depends on understanding what your needs are.

The first major choice any consumer needs to make when choosing an electricity plan is which rate structure to select. Many retailers such as Ambit Energy in San Antonio offer plans with both fixed- and variable-rate structures. Fixed rates are designed to create a sense of price protection, by setting one price per kilowatt hour of usage to apply to a consumer for the length of their contract. Variable rates offer a different approach, with a rate per kilowatt hour of usage that will fluctuate depending on overall market conditions. Either approach could result in great savings, depending on what your usage patterns are.

Need Electricity for Your Business?

Not to fear! Texas electricity deregulation applies to all consumers, not just residents. If you're shopping for an electricity plan for your business there are a few things you need to consider that residential customers don't, but the system doesn't treat your account any differently. You'll still receive your electricity supply through the distribution network of your utility, and you can still opt for any available plan from a retailer such as Ambit Energy. San Antonio businesses also have the added perk of a certain level of negotiating power compared to residential customers. If your business uses a lot of electricity, you may be able to find a retailer that will cut you a deal on your supply. After all, deregulation is about creating a better value for the consumer. Whether that consumer has a residential or a business account, the basic premise is the same: the more competitors in the market, the better electricity rates can be.

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Have you compared Ambit Energy in San Antonio with the competition yet? makes it easy to find out more about different companies –offering great rates for your electricity supply. While rates may be similar among some providers, there can still be benefits to choosing one over another, such as renewable energy options. Making sure you do a bit of homework before selecting a plan can help you secure a better plan and avoid headaches down the line.

Call today to learn about available plans from providers like Ambit Energy. San Antonio, no one will find a better electricity plan for you. If you want to increase your likelihood of savings, you have to do the work yourself. The good news is that with resources such as, seeking out a competitive plan has never been easier!

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